Our Roots are in the TMS Billion Dollar Club

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Privately Held. Profitable. No Private Equity.

In 2014, the dream of creating a modern TMS for where the transportation management industry was headed began. Today, our rapidly growing list of global customers execute more than 20 million transactions a day and we have grown more than 40% over each of the past three years, mostly by replacing older legacy TMS systems due to their high costs and complex support requirements.

We are proud that our customers are consistently documenting process improvements that have led to more than 15% to 25% improve in shipment processing, often with reduced staffing costs in procurement and supply chain, while being able to enhance customer service level performance with increased information transparency. But, we are proudest to know that when we talk to our customers that they consistently mention the high levels of user satisfaction and desires to actually use the TMSfirst solution. Yes, our customers report reduced use of Excel spreadsheets for their day-to-day activities, since much of those manually maintained spreadsheets are automated with TMSfirst and its extensive AI driven TMS analytics and custom configured workflow processes for various levels of management.

The TMSfirst Transportation Management solution with Supply Chain Visibility is the most agile global TMS ever created into a singular global native-cloud scalable solution. It was designed by TMSfirst’s dedicated data science and engineering teams from their more than three decades of learning and experience and by a team that has delivered more than $1 billion in TMS software sales. We’re doing it again, but this time with a market leading cloud-centric with artificial intelligence architecture driven approach for where transportation management is headed. All without the typical legacy challenges.

TMSfirst’s A.I. Driven Transportation Management and Supply Chain Visibility Solution is the next generation of TMS which also provides enterprise level supply chain visibility capabilities into a single agile data harmonized solution with an API-first solution that integrates with virtually any customer carrier.

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Customer Breakdown by Industry

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Key Highlights About TMSfirst:

  • Founded in 2014
  • Headquarters in Houston, Texas
  • TMSfirst CEO is the previous Vice Chairman of G-Log (Oracle OTM)
  • Our customers are executing almost 20 million transactions per day
  • TMSfirst solution supports: Ocean, Air, Rail, Bulk and Trucking transportation modes
  • TMSfirst provides global 4PL logistics solutions for Freight Auditing, Freight invoice processing and Booking Services across multiple modes
  • Privately Held
  • We have no private equity investors (and proud of it)
  • Our annual investment in enhancing and growing our solutions are more than double industry standard percentages
  • We are Profitable!

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