3 & 4PLs Freight Forwarder / NVOCC

Turn Third Logistic Party Into A Strategic Partnership With Customers

Reduce Lead Time Between Deliveries

TMSfirst can help reduce the lead time linked to order processing, paperwork, stock picking and transportation delays with its 3 & 4PL’s Freight Forwarder / NVOCC
Often these can be substantial portion of the lead time. Especially if there are many different stages in the supply chain. This information is transmitted one stage at a time.
Our AI based technology helps to rapidly propagate data up the supply chain. The data proceeds through the tiers of suppliers as fast back as necessary and greatly reduces lead time.


Be Integral Extension Of Customer's Operations

With the TMSfirst Customer engage platform and internal social media 3pl will be able to collaborate, connect and engage more with customers.
Incorporated with customer and vendor portal, 3PLs using our platform will always have an advantage to become Integral Extension of customer’s operations.
Using the co-branded portals and mobile apps, the shipment updates are instance.


Agility To Adopt

TMSfirst helps 3PL manage effectively the lack of collaboration between the shippers, the carriers, and the end-customers. If not managed this can have an adverse effect on the smooth functioning of the supply chain.
Our 3 & 4PL’s Freight Forwarder / NVOCC platform is designed to be agile and scalable. It helps simplify a major challenge of meeting the specific logistical needs of the shippers.
Platforms offered by TMSfirst will help manage multiple variations in routing, packaging, on-time delivery and rules and regulations.


Automation For Tracking Order And Assets

TMSfirst 3 & 4PL’s Freight Forwarder / NVOCC considers everything to move freight – all modes, carriers, multi-stop and multi level packaging and providing the most comprehensive delivery statuses, tracking event history and expected delivery time of all shipments in one dashboard.