Adopting and executing TMSfirsts’s AI Digital TMS has been successful for over 6 years. We specialize in running True SaaS – Direct Global Transportation, Bulk Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility in less than 5 seconds.

Our AI based TMS platform ensures reducing the costs drastically, avoid stock outs & detention. Seamless optimization of Bulk Logistics audit, dispatch, carrier management, operations & procurement with TMSfirst patent.

Barge, Rail, Truck & Vessels – one platform

  • Agriculture all farm produce, grain, sugar
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals, acrylonite, anhydrous ammonia, butadiene, caustic soda, gasoline, ethylene, diesel, jet fuel, refinery feedstock and ethanol, methanol, MEG, naphtha, nitrogen fertilizer, olefins, polyurethane, propylene & oxide, styrene, benzene, glycol, rock, tertiary butyl alcohol & xylene
  • Chemicals – Upstream additives, barite, fluids, mud – fluid management with cuttings and liquid to the environmentally optimized disposal site
  • Crude, asphalt, black oil, butane, condensate, crude butadiene, coker & carbon black feedstock, fuel oil, propane slurry sulfuric acid & VGO
  • Dry frac proppant & sand, coal, petecoke, aggregate, steel. limestone & resins
  • Explosives
  • Lumber, paper & wood pellets
  • Mining
  • Water

Project Cargo, heavy equipment, military and breakbulk

  • Manufacturing equipment, factory components, power-gen systems turbines & windmills, offshore rig equipment, military equipment or any other over dimensional or overweight cargo.
cloud tms by tmsfirst

Bulk Trucking

Oil & Energy execution in Upstream, Midstream & Downstream

Crude & Condensate
  • Accurate gauging and field measurement, electronic ticketing services
  • Round the clock support to the Dispatch centers.
  • Operative excellence is ensured by accountability controls on Health & Safety and Environmental effects
  • Ensuring 360° Customer Experience and end-to-end supply chain visibility
Proppant/Sand/Fluids/Journey Man
  • Manage all assets in any basin includes control towers
  • Mobile apps with and without GPRS
  • Tablet Fleet apps with e-commerce and consolidation capabilities
  • Avoid all demurrage and optimize transloads
  • Designed by the largest Frac operator and can handle over 10,000 trucks especially if well site go down or any type of hotshot load
Dedicated Fleet, Barge & Ocean
  • Refineries – 24/7 Petecoke
  • Resins, Petrochemicals, Explosives, Plastics & water
  • Steel & any type of hotshot

Rail Logistics

  • Real time updates with reference photographs withing 5 seconds
  • Avoid time taking diversions and ensure short transit times
  • Instant control tower visibility, arrival, departures with predictive analytics, 360° Customer Experience in transit with hot list designations.
  • PO Management with audit including tariffs, fuel charges, penalties and overcharges
  • For proper execution of all KPIs, scheduling of shipments, loading & offloading, frequent inspection and ensuring quality control. All these factors ensured through in-time customer experience communication
  • Complete optimization of transloading
  • Optimize rail spur and transloading locations for project tied directly with trucking last mile
  • Inventory fleet management, rail car tag recording, maintenance, inspection, wash & yard optimizer. Switch & wheel detection, over or under loaded, heel present and photos
  • Demurrage optimizer with strategic algorithms & demand forecasting
  • Rate optimization in seconds

Direct connectivity to all partners – drayage, marine terminals, intermodal

Bob Verret CIO Dupre Logistics takes CIO of the Year