Third Party Logistics, A Strategic Partnership With Customers

TMS That Runs On The Most Secured Cloud And Delivers Faster ROI

AI based TMS that runs on the most secured Cloud and delivers faster ROI

Every 3PL, 4PL, industrial and commercial company needs effective connectivity with their logistics service provider. TMSfirst’s AI based TMS platform which is web- based and app ready, ensures the supply chain visibility with lower cost, transparent online handling and without infrastructure overheads

TMSfirst AI based Cloud TMS platform offers:

  • Order Promising
  • Shipment Planning
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Control Tower
  • Pricing And Freight Audit
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Collaboration
  • Automated Shipment Execution
  • Carrier Scorecards
  • Interface With ERP
  • Carrier Portal
  • Vendor Portal
cloud tms by tmsfirst

Third Party Logistics as Strategic Partnership

  • Increase Operational Efficiency:

Operating an integrated and extensive supply chain and distribution purely based on workflow-based automation increases the Operational Efficiency. Using TMSfirst’s AI based TMS, specialized tools and IT platforms makes it easier to perform various tasks in the supply chain and distribution network including pick and pack, as well as tracking and security of packages. It increases Efficiency with activity-based visibility adhering to the legalities.

  • Reduce Operating Expenses:

A reduction of 5% to 8% on the logistics costs is possible by using the AI based logistics platform from TMSfirst. By comparing the carrier services and effective pricing strategy, we help in reducing the operational costs. We ensure optimizing logistics planning, effective modelling and execution of freight moves from global shipments to last-mile delivery at lowest possible costs

  • Effective Connectivity:

The extended Supply chain visibility is ensured using our AI based TMS platform which uses latest integration technology with access over mobile features. This ensures effective connectivity to vendors, internal operations and carriers.

  • Improved Supply Chain Visibility:

TMSfirst catalyzes your Supply Chain operations by ensuring accurate Tracking of shipments with combined AI based cloud, mobile and social technologies of TMS. We ensure superior customer service, higher productivity yet ensuring reduction of costs.

Using Cloud TMS Solutions

TMSfirst Cloud TMS provides the right tools and infrastructure to maximize fulfillment logistics, which affords the business time to focus on other aspects of their business.

cloud tms

Depending on your business requirements, our TMS platforms offer varying levels of customization to ensure you get exactly what you expect, whether it’s multi-channel capacity or customer experience.