Unparallel Customer Experience.  Using a single cloud-based technology platform that seamlessly integrates transportation into your business.  The system is configured (not developed) by super-users to meet your customers needs within your business vertical.  The system is intuitive, easy to use, scalable, agile and flexible.

  • Immediate proactive GPS tracking push-alerts with revised ETA’s
  • Social network enabled collaboration, visibility and communication
  • Seamless shipment planning and scheduling using PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Customer experience feedback

TMSFIRST customer IQ has had a tremendous impact on our team’s efficiency. Machine learning instantly identifies the purpose of every inbound event, shipment or conversation, then intelligently routes each customer shipment appropriately per process & reason, such as orders, returns, or replenishment. Rather than spend time manually routing shipments, the team can focus on delivering exceptional service and resolving issues proactively to maximize customer experience.