tmsfirst customer experience

Excellent TMS Customer Experience

TMSfirst provides AI-based cloud technology platform which is configured and customized to meet all the SCM needs of the customers across their business verticals. The platform has is configured well to provide excellent forecasting, excellent user interface, scalability and flexibility.

  • Real-time GPS tracking push-alerts with revised ETA’s
  • Social network-enabled collaboration, visibility and communication
  • Seamless and meticulous shipment planning and scheduling using any device
  • Customer experience feedback

TMSfirst Customer IQ has had a tremendous impact on our team’s efficiency. Our platform avoids the wastage of time in the manual routing and enables the company to extend excellent customer service by avoiding the issues which may arise in manual operations. Our platform is equipped with effective and accurate Machine learning, which instantly identifies the purpose of every inbound event, shipment, or conversation, uses intelligence to route each customer shipment per process & reason.


Unparallel Response To Customer Needs And Experience.  TMSfirst Is A Single Platform Cloud-Based Technology That Seamlessly Integrates Transportation Into Your Business.

The System Can Be Configured (Not Developed) By Super-Users To Meet Your Customers Needs Within Your Business Vertical.  The System Is Intuitive, Easy To Use, Scalable, Agile, and Flexible.

Key Benefits

Visibility Immediate proactive GPS tracking push-alerts with revised ETA’s
Communication Social network enabled collaboration and communication to interact with the delivery driver or central Customer service

Defective part pick-up and seamless returns scheduling using PC, tablet or smart phone

Satisfaction Customer experience feedback
tmsfirst customer experience

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Give Us A Call. The Value Of Technology Innovation Is Hard To Discern Theoretically.  At TMSfirst We Believe That Every New Idea Must Be Pitched Using Something Beyond PowerPoint And Excel. Technology Must Be Touched And Felt To Understand What It Offers.  Our System Is Designed To:

  • Reduce Customer Effort
  • Promote Customer-Centric Employee Empowerment
  • Champion Collaboration and Information Sharing