TMSfirst Delivers the Digital Distributor

TMSfirst has a proven, flexible Digital Logistics & Supply Chain SaaS platform for supporting and enhancing customer supply chain operations. A partnership with us allows customers to invest more of their resources into their core competencies and growth initiatives.

Case Study – Digital Logistics & Supply Chain Transformation on TMSfirst 1 Seamless Platform to SAP.

Digital Distributor Case Study


Customer supports 4 of the Global 10 Companies with over $1 trillion in revenue to many Fortune 5000 companies.

Industries served: Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Medical, Metal Fabrication, Oil & Gas, Power Generation/Utilities and Water Management.

Inventory: 1.2 million SKU’s from 15,000 manufacturers.

Branches over 250 worldwide in 20+ countries.

Executes Digital Last Mile delivery to any Lat Long position.

Includes 1600 private fleet vehicles with TMSfirst e-commerce digital fleet last mile delivery system on tablets and phone apps.

Over 300,000 expedited orders executed with 3rd parties.

Full optimization and consolidation with 3rd party carriers for LTL, TL, Parcel & linehaul.

Immediate cost savings $2 million for a total of over $6 million as of 2018.

2019 expected savings an additional $4 million.

End Customers can see all inventory live in transit to any Lat Long location instantaneously (3 seconds or less) with enterprise wide data from any internet-capable device (e.g. – smart phone, tablet, laptop). Customers can set min/max limits on stock materials, set automatic re-order points, and forecast your needs before a stock-out. Reporting and analytics are in real-time.