Drop & Hook Machine Learning Digital Execution

  • Predictive trailer & container arrivals driving maximum asset utilization for shippers & carriers.
  • 100% matching, routing & tracking decoupled tractors & trailers – removes trailers or containers getting lost in yard for any period of time and process & requirement. Many brokers to date have failed at this execution because even 3rd party digital provider vendors cannot guarantee a trailer is there without a manual entrée when no electronic transmission is received from a trailer. Verification is critical vs predictability that the trailer might be there based upon historical data is a bottleneck and not valuable.
  • Forecasting trailer requirements weeks in advance for all distribution centers pre region, country and worldwide.
  • Rebalancing trailer pool – providing the right insight to carrier partners is critical to maintain a fluid partnership and controlling costs.
  • There is a misnomer that spot markets are the only way for shippers to service dense lanes when in fact spot markets cannot service the lanes because they are simple not LIVE loads.
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions – distribution centers historically overcompensate with large trailer pools.
  • Visibility into every load
  • During 2020 peak season lost and damaged trailers were still a common issue.