Learn From The Experts About Cyber Security And Digital Safety Standards

  • Catharina “Dd” Budiharto CISSP CISM – Digital Security Architect, Phillips 66
  • Al Lindseth, SVP Plains All American Pipeline
  • Paul Shouse, Vice President, Device Authority
  • Jason Duff, Vice President, IBM
  • Preston Futrell, Partner, IBM Security
  • Jacob Strauser, Chairman, RSG & US Navy Commander Cyber Security
  • Tim Sensenig, Chairman, TMSfirst & TMSforce

The pandemic amped up all things digital and accelerated the need for innovation, while also creating fertile ground for cyber attackers.

  1. ways to develop cyber resilience and safeguard digital infrastructure
  2. where industries stand on protecting information assets, and what cybersecurity leaders do differently
  3. the role of third parties and supply chains