• Intermodal Digital ensures a 20-50% reduction in the investment into the supply chain management by companies by reducing exposure to supply chain tariffs, disruption, and lower transportation costs.
  • Increasing efficiencies, decreasing delivery and transit times by planning the routes, hubs and modes effectively.
  • Intermodal Digital, when partnered with, will ensure your transportation mix delivers tangible cost savings by Incorporating multiple modes of transportation into your carrier base reduces reliance on a single source of capacity.

Design and manage International & Domestic road and rail supply chains, with best practice built in TMSfirst TMSfirst Drayage Network

Track you loads through FREE API connectivity to Ports, Ocean Lines, Drayage Carriers, Terminals, Customs and Freight Forwarders

Terminals, Customs and Freight Forwarders

  • Reduce Driver wait time with TMSfirst
    • Ingate option to verify billing is available at the origin terminal.
    • Outgate option to view the parking location, last free day, and pending storage charges at the destination terminal.
    • Access the asset-based network
  • Priority loading.
  • Door-to-Door Service, Coast-to-coast Shipments, Cross- Border transport & International Passage.
  • Build your own custom loads on the fly.
  • Increase Capacity & customer service.
  • Temperature controlled & Dry containers.
  • Hazmat shipping.
  • Long Term & Spot Rates.
  • Trailer pools.

94% of shippers have sub-optimized truckload moves in their freight network

Intermodal from TMSfirst also provides an alternative for an over-the-road freight move which involves elimination of Sub-optimized freight. This is done by optimizing the procedures using the multiple modes to diversify the transportation network. It provides

  • Long-term access to capacity.
  • Cost savings.
  • A predictable, reliable transportation network.


By using any modern-day gadget (Mobile, tab etc.) the drivers are enabled well to access these tools on-the-go to ensure a smooth entry or exit at the terminal.


Using the Intermodal freight management, our platform has no damage due to secure block and brace procedures. With our platform these facilities are closely monitored and controlled for round the clock security.


GREEN a single gallon of diesel fuel moves a ton of freight nearly 500 miles via Intermodal. A train carries the equivalent of 280 truckloads.