Global Supply Chain Leaders Are Using TMSfirst Digital to drive out their competitors

If you are among the Top 25 Supply Chain Leaders worldwide or want to be a market leader contact us directly to understand what a TMSfirst JV program delivers to your customers.

TMSfirst has already exceeded expectations with TMSfirst e-commerce digital first data, first mile optimization, global end to end 100% visibility execution, fleet last mile delivery system, digital bulk, digital distributor, digital logistics, and digital brokerage.

TMSfirst will be announcing throughout 2021 ground breaking technology platforms with strategic manufacturers executing on TMSfirst Digital E-Competition Platform

Driving Digital includes standard Features & No API connectivity fees

  • One end to end platform allowing for expansion of your foot print overnight.
  • #1 Cyber security & Internet of Things – IoT platform worldwide.
  • Optimization and Forecasting.
  • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence .
  • No usage fees.
  • No customization fees.
  • #1 CRM
  • Tariff optimization
  • Highest functionality with the lowest mobile app fees in the industry.
  • Unlimited configurations business requirements at no charges.
  • E-commerce connectivity with full visibility to customers.
  • Unlimited Reporting & KPI’s with automated subscriptions.
  • Low implementation costs.
  • Each user has their own KPI’s and functionality to execute from any device.
  • digital chatter collaboration providing instantaneous update to your customers.
  • Audit & pay with historical analytics.
  • Provide back office support functions.
  • TMSfirst provides the tools to turn your operation into a digitized platform overnight.