Customer Satisfaction

At TMSfirst we help business reduce the freight spends using our rateshopper. Businesses get an opportunity to select the lowest rates yet not compromising on the excellent service. Automation of the logistics process using the TMSfirst platforms ensures increased efficiencies, fewer losses and higher customer satisfaction.


Order Promising

Every company has different orders which are of different importance and require different levels of processing and tracking. With TMSfirst platforms, we ensure that different orders are managed according to their level of importance of supply chain management with alerts and information at every stage and collaborate with carriers and customers. With TMSfirst’s AI based platform businesses

  • Connect with vendors systems or carrier systems and gain complete insight to order status.
  • Faster responsiveness to customer order requests.

Demand Planning

The planning team is empowered with supply chain visibility of shipments over a period of time helping them plan and forecast effectively to manage their fleet and bookings. This would also ensure

  • Delivering improvements in revenues, costs and customer service.
  • Supports real-time collaborative scenario planning between demand and supply
  • Web interface and mobile capabilities facilitate inputs from partners and internal stakeholders

Agile Control Tower

The lack of supply chain visibility that companies experience today is staggering

  • TMSfirst is the worlds best and true Multi-Enterprise platform which connects all trading partners. All our platforms create a seamless operation and planning by ensuring effective and realtime supply chain visibility by avoiding the manual intervention and documentation.
  • Our platforms are scalable to connect the trade partners, Suppliers, Retailers, and Logistics providers seamlessly in real time. They dissect and store information at every step of the entire supply chain management from raw materials, ancillaries to the retailers and businesses.

Pricing And Freight Audit

AI based TMS platforms offered by TMSfirst ensure improved controls in every stage of supply chain management which result in effectively reducing the costs and in turn reduce the ROI of the company. Our platforms also ensure seamless operations, pricing accuracy and management of billing, which effectively reduce the operational costs.

  • Visible cost reduction through elimination of data receipt and processing.
  • Dash Board Reporting – file storage and management puts your global logistics expenditure at your fingertips through total online visibility
  • Cost Centre vs Revenue insights will help in decision making.