TMSfirst Delivers the Digital TMS Broker

A freight broker TMS performs a variety of critical functions that significantly improve the operations of logistics companies.

  • One end to end platform allowing for expansion of your logistics foot print overnight.
  • 3PL, Truckload and LTL Brokerage.
  • White Glove with over 1400 carrier network.
  • Full mobile & tablet apps.
  • Intermodal with Drayage, Rail and Ocean.
  • Optimization and Forecasting.
  • Analytics.
  • #1 Cyber security & Internet of Things – IoT platform worldwide.
  • No usage fees.
  • No customization fees.
  • #1 CRM
  • Multiple & Private Tariffs
  • Highest functionality with the lowest mobile app fees in the industry.
  • Unlimited configurations business requirements at no charges.
  • E-commerce connectivity with full visibility to customers.
  • Unlimited Reporting & KPI’s with automated subscriptions.
  • Low implementation costs.
  • Each user has their own KPI’s and functionality to execute from any device.
  • All shipments have digital chatter collaboration providing instantaneous update to your customers.
  • Audit & pay with historical analytics.
  • Provide back office support functions.
  • TMSfirst provides the tools to turn your operation into a digitized logistics platform overnight.
tms broker

Digital management tools enable simple communication that benefits all parties. Every step of the way, this results in a better experience.

Integrating a freight broker TMS provides numerous benefits to logistics companies. Putting these powerful tools in place opens the door to complete visibility. This includes having complete visibility into inventory, orders, and shipments.