Global Supply Chain Leaders Are Using TMSfirst Digital to drive out their competitors

If your goal is to be the market leader and wish to set a great Supply Chain Management system to rank among the top of the industry worldwide, you should be partnering with TMSfirst. This will make you understand what we offer as a solution, how we operate and deliver to your customers.

TMSfirst is proud to be the go-to AI-based TMS platform which has already exceeded customer expectations especially in platform-based manufacturing intelligence.

With our platform TMSfirst e-commerce digital-first data, first-mile optimization, global end to end 100% visibility execution, fleet last-mile delivery system, digital bulk, digital distributor, digital logistics, and digital brokerage

TMSfirst will be announcing throughout 2021 ground breaking technology platforms with strategic manufacturers executing on TMSfirst Digital E-Competition Platform

Driving Digital includes standard Features & No API connectivity fees

  • Quick and immediate expansion by using the End-to-end platform
  • A secure and safe AI-based TMS platform to have a worldwide footprint
  • Complete Optimization and Accurate Forecasting.
  • Platform based on futuristic Artificial intelligence which will equip the customers and companies with required analytics to improve their Supply chain visibility
  • No usage fees with customization according to the company’s requirements.
  • #1 CRM
  • Tariff optimization
  • Highest functionality with the lowest mobile app fees in the industry.
  • Unlimited configurations business requirements at no charges.
  • E-commerce connectivity with full visibility to customers.
  • Unlimited Reporting & KPIs with automated subscriptions.
  • Ensuring Low implementation costs.
  • Each user has their own KPIs and functionality to execute from any device.
  • digital chatter collaboration providing an instantaneous update to your customers.
  • Audit & pay with historical analytics.
  • Provide back-office support functions.
  • TMSfirst provides the tools to turn your operation into a digitized platform overnight.
tms manufacturing

TMS Manufacturing by TMSfirst is a simple system that lets you track the history of your inventory by user or item. TMSfirst Manufacturer TMS includes a standard feature that allows our clients to pass their Inventory Management Audits by tracking the history of their inventory.

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