July 8, 2021

TMSFirst and Avectous Forms Strategic Alliance For State-Of-The-Art Warehouse and TMS

by TMSfirst in News

We are excited to announce that TMSfirst and Avectous – Cloud Fulfillment WMS OMS CMS have formed a strategic alliance to offer our customers with a state-of-the-art warehouse and transportation management solution driving #1 DTC platform worldwide.

A single SaaS platform to digitally store, transport, manage, communicate, connect, see, and alert material in your supply chain. Using AI enabled workflows, powerful integration, IOT, and visibility tools customers can:

  • Manage orders from multiple sales channels and ERP’s helping drive order sourcing decisions-based shipping cost and inventory availability decision criteria.
  • Use the WMS across multiple warehouses connected to your automated warehouse processes.
  • Manage your yard, schedule warehouse door utilization, and connect to your yard RF and trailer GPS equipment.
  • Plan, tender and see transport first mile, last mile, Direct to Consumer using all modes of transit domestically and globally.  
  • Manage your fleet, reverse logistics and freight audit.
  • Integrate 3PL providers, suppliers, MFG plants, warehouses, ERP’s and carriers across your supply chain ecosystem and their WMS systems. 
  • One solution that adapts, automates, and communicates what you have, where it’s at, is there a problem and how much it costs… in real-time.. 

This single platform provides you with the flexibility to pick, choose then configure the capabilities you need to run and operate your global supply chain logistics operations.