TMSfirst Unified E-Commerce Platform

With B2B ecommerce three times the size of B2C, exceeding customer demands is manufacturers, distributors and retailers’ number one priority with a frictionless experience. Amazon is already on a $10 billion B2B run rate taking share as if it was another B2C marketplace. TMSfirst Agile platform executes any size or type of freight including Hazardous on Expedited, Hot Shot, Last Mile or White Glove to any lat long position globally at the lowest price with the highest customer satisfaction platform. Manufacturers & Distributors want a simple way to enter the wholesale ecommerce market and provide customers with a self-service buying experience.

TMSfirst Delivers Digitally – get your e-commerce platform configured to your business requirements 

  • One end to end platform allowing for expansion of your logistics & supply chain foot print overnight.
  • White Glove with over 1400 carrier network.
  • #1 CRM #1 Sales, #1 Customer Service and #1 Digital Commerce platform
  • Full mobile & tablet apps.
  • Optimization and Forecasting.
  • Analytics.
  • #1 Cyber security & Internet of Things – IoT platform worldwide.
  • No usage fees.
  • No customization fees.
  • Multiple & Private Tariffs
  • Highest functionality with the lowest mobile app fees in the industry.
  • Unlimited configurations business requirements at no charges.
  • E-commerce platform connectivity with full visibility to customers.
  • Unlimited Reporting & KPI’s with automated subscriptions.
  • Low implementation costs.
  • Each user has their own KPI’s and functionality to execute from any device.
  • All shipments have digital chatter collaborateon providing instantaneous update to your customers.
  • TMSfirst provides the tools to turn your operation into a digitized platform overnight.