TMS Supply Chain Visibility Platforms & RTTVP


Real-Time Transportation Visibility & Direct Connectivity with API’s are our preference when available and our connectivity platform is one of the most economical in the industry with Force templates.

All our products are Artificial Intelligence based platforms which actively replace Supply chain Visibility, EDI and TMS systems worldwide. Our AI based TMS platform include global real-time visibility & execution API’s to all trucking, drayage, ports, forwarders, air, ocean, rail and barge. Library of APIs to quickly integrate with your planning & execution systems.

Our platforms ensure reducing the time of ROI’s to less than 30 days with high visibility. Risk analytics can be an integrated & dynamic part of all decision making.

TMSfirst proudly presents worlds only SaaS Digital Platform which is implemented with no external consultation costs.

Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP)

  • Direct Bookings
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Supply Chain Disruption Mitigation in Real-time
  • AES Filing and other Customs Brokerage Documentation
  • TMS execution with maximum customer experience


supply chain visibility platforms and real time visibility

TMSfirst RTTVP provides companies and customers with live updates on the location and status of goods they have ordered as instability and unpredictability increase supply delays. Providing accurate and reliable data on the location of shipments allows companies to act swiftly and decisively – near real time – on any disruptions or exceptions.

TMSfirst RTTVP was created for the cloud to provide a single SaaS platform for companies to manage and see all transportation activity throughout their global supply chain. The solution allows companies to minimize cost, optimize service levels, increase productivity, dynamically mitigate events as they happen, and create flexible business process workflow automation within their global transportation and logistics networks.

Specifically designed to support the needs of both shippers and Logistics Service Providers, the TMSfirst RTTVP creates an information bridge integrating companies with their logistics ecosystem – across functional silos, geographic regions, languages, currencies, and business units. Built to support companies of all sizes the TMSfirst platform can help customers with basic transportation needs as well as those with highly complex logistics requirements.

The Importance of Visibility in Global Supply Chain


TMSfirst RTTVP enables companies to manage their transportation networks on a global basis defined by their companies supply chain flows (outbound finished goods, inbound supplies, inter-facility/company shipments, returns, e-commerce), modes of transport (road, air, ocean, rail, intermodal, and parcel) and geographic area (domestic and international). TMSfirst RTTVP connects our customers to their supply chain ecosystem using our powerful integration layer (see diagram below). TMSfirst RTTVP provides simultaneous support for multiple languages, currencies, units of measure and business functions that may vary by business unit and/or geographic region. Optimize your network using cost, mode, and time to ensure you are moving goods in the right time, and at the right cost. Our goal is to enable companies to support the nuances of their global operations while reaping the efficiencies provided by a central transportation management solution.

Key Features

  • Access to Real-Time actionable data
  • Automated workflow and alerts
  • Detection of stops or delays
  • Wait times and delays
  • ETA re-forecast
  • Collaboration between shippers
  • Yard and dock scheduling and management
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Order and shipment planning
  • Shipment booking and tendering
  • Network Optimization
  • Visibility and pro-active event management/alerts
  • Freight audit and payment
supply chain visibility platforms

Single connection into TMSfirst connects you to your Supply Chain Ecosystem


TMSfirst RTTVP and Supply Chain Visibility Platforms provide support for the following key transportation business functions:

  • Order Management: Integration with external ERP, order management, purchasing, warehouse and other systems and services to productively manage transportation and logistics. Transportation order management functions can be provided to external parties in the supply chain, such as suppliers who can book; provide information and perform other task to transport of purchase orders.
  • Rate Management: A global repository and rating engine for service provider contracts for transportation and related services. TMSfirst RTTVP enables companies to manage all rates centrally, including support for truckload, intermodal, less-than- truckload, parcel, air, rail, and ocean. TMSfirst RTTVP supports full “sell” side rating for Logistics Service Providers and other companies who provide transportation services.
  • Shipment planning, scheduling, and execution: Plan and execute shipments for maximum operational efficiency. Automated decision support for a full range of transportation scenarios from simple, direct shipments to those involving multiple legs and multiple modes. Decision support for least cost carrier, mode and service level, application of routing guides and core carrier programs (i.e., carrier commitments). In addition, TMSfirst RTTVP provides robust functionality to manage exceptions during execution (e.g., tracking planned vs. actual, diverting shipments, and expediting delivery).
  • Booking and Tendering: Collaborate with transportation service providers using multiple communication formats – email, web, mobile IoT devices, SCADA, and XML. Share transportation plans and manage service provider responses (e.g., conditional bookings, tender acceptance). Automated support for multiple types of tender processes, such as sequential tendering and broadcast tendering.
  • Visibility and Event Management: Proactively manage the lifecycle of orders and shipments through automated milestone monitoring. Automatically expedite shipments when pickup confirmations have not been received within a specified tolerance interval. Receive status updates from transportation service providers or geo-positioning by connecting to IoT devices or geo-location services to follow the route of the shipment live.
  • Business Process Automation: Maximize productivity by automating processes using unique workflow technology. Workflow enable companies to model and automate simple or complex processes to improve efficiency. For example, automatically re- plan shipments based on related order changes; or notify involved parties of delayed shipments.
  • Reporting, Analysis & Document Management: TMSfirst RTTVP BI-layer enable users to use drag and drop functionality to create reports and documents. Examples reports and documents include Cost Savings, Projected Late Orders, Carrier Performance by Lane, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, volume by lane, stop light shipment milestone alerting and Packing List. Brokerage Operations. Analytics tools give users the capability to optimize the network by comparing cost, lead-time, tariffs, inventory carrying cost, etc., to drive better decision using total landed cost as a key decision parameter.
  • Logistics Inventory Visibility: Provides visibility to both on hand and in-transit inventory levels across the extended supply chain, including internal and third-party facilities. Reduce inventory levels and costs with real-time inventory monitoring and management capabilities.

Key Business Benefits

  • Reduced transportation and logistics costs
  • Increased customer service levels
  • Business process workflow automation
  • Increased supply chain performance and reliability
  • Improved environmental sustainability
  • Greater business process flexibility and adaptability
  • One-to-many and many-to-one integration
  • Visualization and pro-active alert dashboards and communication
  • Total landed cost and Network optimization.
  • Analytics and connected devices


TMSfirst delivers the industry’s broadest and deepest transportation management platform with powerful AI driven workflows and integration capabilities. One platform that include the following capabilities:

  • Transportation Scheduling and Planning: Apply specific business rules and logic in conjunction with powerful algorithms and optimization engines to optimize orders and shipments based on cost, service level, and asset utilization. Scenarios for multi-stop consolidation, pooling, cross docking, and load configuration are supported. Manage dock appointments for greater warehouse efficiency with advanced scheduling and collaboration capabilities.
  • Freight Payment, audit, and Billing: Eliminate unnecessary charges and automate the time consuming and error prone processes of freight payment, customer billing, and managing freight claims. Using actual shipment data captured throughout the transportation lifecycle, TMSfirst Freight Payment, Billing and Claims Cloud ensures that companies are paying, billing, and tracking only the transportation services provided.
  • Fleet and Driver Management: Manage private fleet and common carrier networks on a single platform for increased asset utilization, lower transportation costs and reduced environmental impact. TMSfirst Fleet Management Cloud provides support for all aspects of managing a fleet for shippers with a private or dedicated fleet and Logistics Service Providers who employ their own assets in providing services to their customers. Business functions supported include driver and equipment assignment, dispatch, asset tracking and event management, and financial settlement for driver payroll, supplier payment and customer billing.
  • Transportation Sourcing: Utilize sophisticated optimization algorithms to model sourcing rules and constraints to minimize costs while streamlining the procurement process for transportation services. TMSfirst Transportation Sourcing Cloud utilizes historical shipment data to build bid projects and then seamlessly turns awarded bids into executable rates. It also provides functionality to support the task of rate maintenance. Together these capabilities serve to greatly enhance the accuracy of a bid project as well as reduce the time and overhead it takes to manage the procurement cycle.
  • Transportation Intelligence: Create a transportation dashboard for operational and strategic performance indicators by leveraging the operational data stored in TMSfirst RTTVP. By taking operational data and converting it into meaningful information, one can avoid future inefficiencies and make changes to plans and parameters that are causing unsatisfactory results. TMSfirst Transportation Intelligence Cloud eliminates the need for a separate, siloed data warehouse in support of transportation metrics.
  • Cooperative Routing: Strategically examine and optimize the use of third-party carrier and internal fleet resources in the supply chain. Identify historical shipping patterns and determining optimal asset utilization via efficient lane combinations of freight (i.e., cooperative routes). This strategic plan is utilized within TMSfirst RTTVP ensuring that the fleet and carrier resources are deployed properly, and the benefits are realized.
  • Forwarding and Brokerage: Automates the freight forwarding and brokerage processes used by Logistics Service Providers to improve process efficiency and profitability while improving the service delivered to their customers.

One Platform

  • Teal-time business intelligence and shipment “live” visibility
  • Operational process digitization and workflow management
  • First, middle, last-mile—all modes, and service levels.
  • Robust integration layer
  • Built for the Global 500 delivered to market leaders
  • Supports shippers and logistics service providers
  • Freight audit and billing
  • Fleet and driver management
  • Transportation sourcing and pricing
  • Transportation Intelligence
  • Cooperative routing
  • Forwarding and brokerage
  • Shipment document repository
  • Visualization tools and exception alerting
  • Yard management and dock scheduling
  • Track, trace, and alert
  • AES preparation
  • ASN notifications
  • APPs for visualization
  • Multi-platform


We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations through action, excellence, and innovation. Our actions, methods and outcomes are consistent, measurable, and reflective of our beliefs. We believe in listening with the intent of learning and strive to adapt our business, solutions, and services to fit and address our clients’ needs. TMSfirst uses a hybrid Agile model for implementing our solution to accelerate ROI and Org adopt. The Seven-level approach covers (detailed explanation for each section is below):

  • Questionnaire and Interviews
    We use this phase to familiarize yourself with customer specific policy, process, and procedures to understand how things are being done, why they are done this way and capture the customers vision of the future state. This step helps us ensure we understand all expectations and potential hurdles
  • Prepare High-level Process and Business Requirements Outline
    These documents are the output of the questionnaire and interviews and serve as the starting point/baseline for use in the Workshop. These documents are meant to evolve in accuracy to address the need of the customers organization.
  • Requirements Workshop to align with Business Goals
    The initial phase where all the stake holders (Business and TMSfirst) are involved to understand the business goals in detail, document them and attach individuals to the roles required for the solution implementation e.g., Project Manager, SME, Analyst, Operations User, Management Roles, etc. In this phase we identify all the systems required for integration purposes and define the solution landscape. The business goals defined are used to , at the end of the implementation, to measure the success of the solution. The time required for varies between 1 week to 3 weeks and requires all the stakeholders to be available for the respective period where any direct or indirect impact to their operations would be discussed.
  • Solution Design (Involving all system Integration)
    TMSfirst is introduced to third party systems POC’s that have been identified at the workshop for integration. The idea is to have a system partner for the third-party systems to help TMSfirst to enable connectivity. This process Is required regardless of any existing communication available from TMSfirst systems with the identified systems. This phase will help ease any communication hiccups that might happen in the execution and, at the same time, present the business stakeholders with a complete picture of the solution and understand how each system would communicate and interact with each other. In our experience this phase, when planned and handled earlier, saves a considerable amount of time.
  • Prototyping and Configuration
    The current TMSfirst system would be presented using Customer requirements then configured to the customer requirements using an iterative approach l for all operations as needed by business and discussed with the business SME identified in the Phase I. In this phase, documents and email templates will be designed. This will ensure the business have a feel of the final solution well ahead of the final roll out.
  • Solution Hands-on and Implementation
    Once the final configurations are complete, multiple Sandbox environments will be provisioned for the users to use the system hands on, to provide required training and test. This phase will also validate all the integration components with external systems. In this phase all the required reports and dashboards would be provisioned, and users will be trained on how they can modify the reports if needed.
  • Post Implementation Support
    This is the biggest differentiator of TMSfirst. Where all our competitors say they are done, we believe we have begun our journey with you. Continuing our support to increase adoption and compliance of the solution within Vinmar, we shall also provide you with analytics which can help you save costs, increase efficiency, identify opportunities of automation and work with you to have a platform which can support you increasing business.

Capability TMSfirst
Transport Management
PO and SO capture
Geo tracking of service partner
Transport order status updates
Scada and peripheral IoT device data capture
Rules based truck dispatch
Geo Fencing for auto arrival and departure milestone capture
Cross company Job collaboration
Prioritize and dispatch jobs
See team, vendors, tasks and assets on map
Chat office to driver
Track cost and visualize KPI’s
Mobile apps and access to tablets and computers
Integration to ERP, Suppliers, Customers, Transport Companies
Freight Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Contract Management
Automated Transportation Procurement
Multi-modal Carrier Rate Repository
Carrier and Brokerage Rates
Integration to Freight Matching Platforms
Freight Planning
Load Consolidation, Prioritization and Optimization
Mode Selection
Carrier and Rate Selection
Move Optimization
Global Multi-leg Shipment Planning and Optimization
Freight Order Management (eg., splitting, shipment creation)
Freight Execution
Trucking rate and quote capture
Trucking equipment selection
Carrier Tendering, rate confirmation and BOL generation
Brokerage/ Broadcast Tendering
Workorder, PO, SO material capture and association
ASN, POD, document capture, image capture, signature capture
Al powered workflow engine
Track & Trace, KPI and Dashboard
Event Management and proactive alerts
Digital Integration
Reverse Logistics Asset Recovery auto-scheduling and pick-up/delivery
Create final freight bill
Support Auto-Pay (Self Invoice)
Audit freight bills (Match Pay)
Freight cost GL allocation, and cost tracking
Support Freight Invoice Payment
Freight Customer (3PL) Billing
Performance Management
Descriptive Analytics (cost, location, emissions, weight, OD pair, partner, lead-time, utilization, mode, etc.)
Diagnostics Analytics (cost, location, emissions, weight, OD pair, partner, lead-time, utilization, mode, etc.)
Predictive Analytics (cost ETA update, lead-time, etc.)
Prescriptive Analytics (cost emissions, weight, OD pair, routing, lead-time, etc.)
Report and Document Generation Tools (cost, location, emissions, weight, OD pair,
partner, lead-time, etc.)
Over-the-Map Visibility (geo-location tracking)
Real-time Location
Enhanced ETA Calculation/prediction

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