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TMSfirst Was Born in the Cloud

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Our Solution is Not Some Old Legacy Solution from 2010!

The term “born in the cloud” refers to a specific type of cloud service that does not involve legacy systems, but was designed only for cloud delivery. While one of the easiest definitions of “born in the cloud” is that the products are not “legacy products”. Born in the Cloud solutions offer many benefits such as cost savings, security, flexibility, mobility, insight, increased collaboration, quality control, disaster recovery, loss prevention and software updates.

Cloud TMS services allow users to store applications and data online, rather than locally on a computer or mobile device. Businesses can use cloud computing for collaboration, productivity, project management, file backup, data analysis and software development. Cloud services are cost-effective because organizations only pay for what they use. Other benefits of our cloud based TMS include scalability, lowered costs, immediate operation after installation, savings on equipment, streamlined work, high availability, quick application deployment and a utility pay structure.


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