Why TMSfirst

Transforming Your Transportation Business Starts by Understanding Your Business

The TMSfirst solution has been designed by TMSfirst’s dedicated data science and engineering teams using their more than three decades of learning and experiences and is led by a team that has delivered more than $1 billion of TMS software sales. TMSfirst’s Transportation Management with Supply Chain Visibility is the most agile global TMS ever created into a singular global native-cloud scalable solution. Thought leading businesses start their engagement with TMSfirst by first discussing and understanding your business needs and priorities. Some of the key business issues we typically hear from customers are the following

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Rapidly changing freight costs and too many manual processes are preventing the business from being able to getter adapt to reduce overall freight costs

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Present systems harm ability to improve overall freight management across various modes and prevent business from optimizing freight spending commitments

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Data is stored across multiple systems, often by multiple departments (supply chain and procurement) and it is difficult to trust the data to know if it is the most up to date and accurate

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The business has limited visibility on the most efficient booking options, ETA’s and cost comparisons in spot market purchase situations

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We still are using Excel for so much of our analytics, which is preventing management from having a full view of potential challenges and our customer service teams always is answering questions about where is my stuff

Understanding Business Goals And Constraints Is Vital For your Success

Time to Value Mindset Ensures Success

We think that one of the key differentiators at TMSfirst is our project mindset, which is to always link the business goal with the key need of the business to show rapid and positive results once they select TMSfirst. Our mission is not to take up residence at your office and become a multiple year project cost fixture. We fully understand that for a project to be truly successful it must show specific results fast. This is why we employ an agile implementation methodology with short and well-defined sprint deliverables with measurable expectations.

Too many of us have been engaged with IT projects over the years that, well just did not have a happy ending. Everyone of these projects started with a well-defined quantitative business case. Each of these failed projects had proper funding and sufficient staffing to help ensure a positive result. The one common thread that every executive and project management practitioner would tell you though is that there are two common traits of every failed project: Lack of engagement with the in-house customer subject matter experts and the lack of short-term project plan deliverables.

We fully understand what it takes to be successful and believe in showing rapid results when we jointly develop and document our project plan together. The sooner “blood runs through the project views”, the more confident your team and management will become, which only furthers helps ensure project success.


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