AI Driven TMS Analytics

AI Driven Analytics

CBm and shipment count

Real-time Actional Insights With TMS Analytics

With access to upstream and downstream transportation data, you have the information needed to uncover exceptions before they happen and improve overall performance. Yes, less firefighting is in your future. The TMSfirst solution offers advanced AI analytics capabilities to transform your global operations.

Our TMS solutions leverage analytics tools to deliver predictive ETAs, configurable dashboards, and carrier performance insights. Easy views into predictive ETAs will empower your team to stop disruptions before they occur, while performance insights will enable you to improve plans and relationships far into the future. Avoiding manual and inaccurate reporting allows you to save time and resources spent managing detention and demurrage fees.

Having access to these analytics enables your team to focus on where they can make a difference in expediting and overall performance.

AI Analytics Possibilities are Limitless

TMSfirst helps You centralize access to all your data for awesome AI analytics


The AI Analytics available in TMSfirst will help your business jumpstart it’s data analysis day one with your solution helping gain intelligence as additional data is accessed over time.


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