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TMSfirst Roots Are In TMS Billion Dollar Club

Founded in 2014 by the previous
Vice Chairman of G-Log (Oracle OTM)

TMSfirst is profitable and cash flow positive. TMSfirst has NO outside equity owners to answer to. We think is an important key to our success since it has allowed the management team to do the right thing for our customers and has enabled the business to take a long-term product development investment view without quarterly performance pressures often associated with outside investors who are looking for a near-term exit.

Now with more than 20 million transactions per day, the TMSfirst solution has proven itself to scale to support some of the largest freight spending businesses in the world, across a wide range of modes, including ocean, air, rail, bulk, and trucking. Our customers typically have an annual freight budget of well over $10 million and we usually are leveraged by businesses with at least $1.0 billion in annual revenue, so they truly appreciate the impact on their top and bottom lines that TMSfirst can offer.

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