Integrate, Plan, Perform, Measure, and Improve (IPPMI)

One End-to-End Platform

User and Customer Experience Excellence

Cloud-based Transportation Management System that delivers extreme market competitiveness and seamlessly integrates your Global Supply Chain using embedded real-time business intelligence; operational process digitization: and workflow management,—first, middle, last-mile—all modes, and service levels. Built for the Global 500 delivered to market leaders.

AI Powered Advanced

360º Real-Time Customer

Globally Connected
Drag & Drop Configuration

Rapid ROI

Few organizations have the budget or manpower for an expensive and protracted implementation.
Using Agile, time to value, starts in under 30 days and in some cases an immediate P&L swap.

Predictive Analytics

Drive revenue and exceptional customer experiences. Dynamic prediction of risk to shipments, lanes, suppliers & networks enhances tactical planning. Process 25% more shipments up 50% faster. Create dashboards to help future performance analysis and modeling.

AI & Workflow

Intelligent workflows that help you stay ahead of global logistics dynamics. Rules drive automatic alerts and status notifications to process business owners to quickly remedy events.

Visibility & Business Intelligence

Deliveries tracked on their way to the customer – from collection to end-point delivery. Rules drive automatic alerts to transform unrelated, detailed information from multiple disparate sources into unparalleled real time business focused intelligence.

Our vision is to connect, plan, measure, see and communicate with a single source-of-truth for all data taxonomies.  The outcome is a cloud based digital, and real-time visibility platform integrating companies with their logistics fulfillment ecosystem managed by AI enabled workflows.

Latest Updates

Wen-Parker Logistics Partners With TMSfirst

Wen-Parker Logistics Selects TMSfirst Real-time Transportation Visibility Platform December 8, 2021 – Houston, TX: TMSfirst, the leading global cloud-based Real-time Transportation Visibility and Transportation Management System (TMS) provider is pleased to announce partnership with leading global freight forwarder WEN-PARKER LOGISTICS, as their official global real-time transportation visibility SaaS platform (RTTVP) provider, providing Wen-Parker Logistics with…

TMSfirst Partners With Supply Chain & Logistics Technology at University of Houston

TMSfirst is partnering with Margaret A. Kidd, MILT, CPE™ and Supply Chain & Logistics Technology – University of Houston to provide students Access to Technology, Internship, Scholarship and moves Texas towards Industry 4.0. Learn how your company can host and support University of Houston, College of Technology to provide students Access to Technology, Internship, Scholarship…

TMSFirst and Avectous Forms Strategic Alliance For State-Of-The-Art Warehouse and TMS

We are excited to announce that TMSfirst and Avectous – Cloud Fulfillment WMS OMS CMS have formed a strategic alliance to offer our customers with a state-of-the-art warehouse and transportation management solution driving #1 DTC platform worldwide. A single SaaS platform to digitally store, transport, manage, communicate, connect, see, and alert material in your supply chain. Using AI enabled workflows, powerful…