Drayage Management

Drayage Management

TMSfirst excels at optimizing drayage management, the transportation of goods/freight over a short distance. Drayage is one of the most inefficient and opaque segments in the industry, dominated by small carriers using traditional methods of technology.

TMSfirst’s transportaion management solutions can help businesses coordinate drayage to keep asset management on track. Dray moves usually don’t go far, but they can often be the most bothersome to manage. Unlike OTR trucking moves in which a single move can be hundreds or thousands of miles along a pre-set route, an asset used for drayage may be used in multiple moves each day. These can also require near real-time coordination as new move requests are received.

TMSfirst enables drayage management and execution across the entire fleet. Keep employees, LSPs, and port workers aligned on dray issues. Maximize usage of chassis and containers. Optimize drays to minimize added charges such as per diem rates. Integrated driver settlement and payment. Reduce concern and confusion overpay schedules and frequency.

TMSfirst’s Drayage Management capabilities offer several benefits for businesses seeking to deliver products and goods. These benefits include:

  • Fast and efficient delivery: Drayage services ensure faster and more efficient deliveries, reducing transit times, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Improved safety: Drayage services reduce the handling of cargo to improve safety and get everything moved faster while reducing the risk of loss and damage.
  • Reduced transportation costs: One of the most significant advantages of using drayage services is that it helps in reducing transportation costs.
  • Supply chain flexibility: By utilizing drayage, businesses can streamline their transportation processes, reduce costs, and efficiently manage their inventory, thus enhancing overall logistics efficiency. Drayage services also help in maintaining supply chain flexibility.

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