TMS Shipping Tracking

TMS Shipping Tracking

Shipment tracking in a TMS allows shippers to track and trace shipments in real-time. This means that you don’t have to contact the driver to learn the truck’s location but can view it continuously. This is often used to give customers information about their shipment location, as well as for security and scheduling purposes. TMSfirst gathers and consolidates detailed tracking information and records the movement of a shipment through the full lifecycle of a load. This not only allows shippers to get real-time updates about their freight, but it also allows them to track and measure carrier performance.

TMSfirst’s AI-driven TMS solutions and supply chain visibility solutions are used to plan, execute, and optimize the transportation of goods. It is often used by logistics and supply chain management professionals serving manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other industries.

TMSfirst helps you improve supply chain efficiency by automating and optimizing shipping processes such as route planning, carrier selection, and shipment tracking. It results in cost savings, increased visibility and control, and improved delivery times.

One of the greatest benefits that TMSfirst provides is reducing freight spend Through it’s TMS freight tracking capabilities & freight rate management. As a singular TMS and supply chain visibility tool, we enable shippers recognize disruptions as they arise, while decreasing overall resource costs.

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